monday, monday

I’m still stuffed from Easter feasting. How about you? It was sunny and beautiful out in CA, but I was bummed since I had to work (wah wahhh). Would have been lovely for a family walk!

I spotted some DIY plant hangers made of rope on Pinterest today, and am quite intrigued after seeing similar ones (above) in a post from B. Jones Style. I’d love to try these out!

Happy Monday, mis amigos.

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6 thoughts on “monday, monday

  1. i love those hanging plants so cute!! bummer about having to work on easter, hope you still had a wonderful one. what was included in your Easter feast?

  2. Love this photo! I re-pinned it from you on pinterest too. :) I’m learning macrame (but updated for a more modern look) and I’m worried that our house is going to have a whole layer of plants hanging from the ceilings.

    Happy Easter! :)

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